Hillsdale College is the last private college in the United States, so far as I know. All the others have sucked up to the U.S. government, accepted race and sex quotas, and teach approved values to get government funding. Hillsdale decided they would accept their student body on its merits, teach traditional American values based in liberty, and reach out to private contributors like me for their funding. Their newsletter, Imprimis, is an excellent introduction to these values. I do not agree with everything they say, but I find their viewpoint close enough to my own that I support Hillsdale College vigorously.

The United States government prides itself on being a two-party system. The larger of these two parties is the Democratic-Republican Party that supports steady growth of government, increasing regulatory control of our lives, and an economy dictated by federal authority. The smaller of these two parties is the Libertarian Party that believes that most of what our government does for us we can do better and cheaper for ourselves and that our government does more to us than for us. Some libertarians consider government a necessary evil and some consider government an unnecessary evil, but we all agree that less of it is better for all of us.


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