Adam N. Rosenberg, Ph.D.
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Scottsdale, Arizona 85258-3106

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Dear Sir or Madam:

     I'm an industrial mathematician (see my résumé in text or PDF) looking for a job where I can use my decision support talent and my computer skills to improve a company's ability to run its business. The combination of being able to understand a business, to envision a solution, and to build a decision support system makes my work uniquely valuable. My decision support projects, big and small, have earned my employers many hundreds of millions of dollars over the years.

     With a Princeton Math degree (with honors), a Stanford Operations Research Ph.D., nine years at Bell Laboratories, and eighteen more years of professional experience on my résumé, I have a strong technical background and a twenty-seven year track record of getting mathematical solutions to people who need them. My ability to write and debug large complex programs quickly means I can deliver technical solutions on a "rapid prototyping" basis so I can try and retry solutions and satisfy business needs in days or weeks instead of months or years.

     My talent is not specific to an industry. In telephony, airlines, railroads, automobile sales, retail, and printed circuit board design, I have created analyses, simulations, and optimizations that have added economic value to these businesses. My solutions work within existing data, software, and report infrastructures, so my mathematical work adds value to existing business activity. I use traditional methods in non-traditional ways to get exceptional results.

     The solutions I create last a long time. My cellular system design work in 1982 was used for fifteen years and my yield management software produced benefits for thirteen years, about U.S. $100,000 per day. There is a user community, with an e-mail distribution list, for the printed circuit board design system with the autorouter I worked on from 1987 through 1989. Fifteen years later, my delay tracking tool was still part of an airline's daily operation, and it may still be in use. Software development and decision support organizations are put in place to create the kind of work I have been able to do for twenty-seven years, both alone and as a member of a team.

     I'm looking for a position as an individual contributor rather than any kind of management or "team leader" role. The value of my own work far outstrips the value I would add directing others. In a similar vein, I am a stellar explainer of difficult concepts to a broad audience. I was very successful teaching a graduate level course in mathematical programming.

     While I have been successful as a consultant or as a member of a separate computer programming organization, my greatest achievements have been as part of a department with a clear business vision. That was certainly the case when I was part of the cellular telephony team at Bell Telephone Laboratories and my analysis, simulation, and optimization work contributed to a worldwide industry with 1200 million customers. McGraw-Hill recently published my book on the subject. It was also the case here at Khimetrics where management had well-defined business goals before we were purchased by SAP.

     I hope readers will decide that my kind of direct-benefit productivity should be a part of their businesses. If so, then they know where to reach me.