Adam's Projects

     This is a list of forty-odd projects I have done from my doctoral dissertation to my latest mathematically sophisticated tools in retail-based airline booking simulation. The early cellular projects reshaped the wireless telephone industry, many of these have made significant financial impact, and some are still earning tens of millions of dollars per year.

   POLY     1981 Solves n polynomials in n unknowns (Ph.D.)
 * AMPScase 1982 Business case for cellular business growth
 * AUTOGROW 1983 Cellular telephony growth heuristics
 * M2       1984 Full cellular sim, radio & call processing
 * DPCsim   1984 Dynamic power control simulation for AMPS
   NOVA     1984 Non-regular voice-channel assigner for AMPS
   PSET     1985 Full system parameter setting for AMPS
   WPTcase  1986 Wideband packet technology private line study
+  CMNM     1987 Control msg network model, self-healing network
   FASplus  1988 Factory scheduling optimizer with setup times
+* DC/CAD   1988 Printed circuit board autorouter for DOS PC
+* ROPT     1989 Airline rotation optimizer, simulated annealing
+* COPT     1990 Combinatorial fleet assigner, used at NW and DL
 * MTEST    1991 Connection builder, passenger path possibilities
 * NBS      1991 Network booking sim to test yield management
 * ENVI     1992 Yield management, leg displacement cost calc
   JT9D-FIT 1994 Statistical analysis, in-flight engine failures
 * DLY      1994 Delay tracking tool, reports root delay causes
+  GTOPT    1994 Parts placement sequencer for Georgia Tech & Ford
 * NWAtools 1995 Schedule comparer, weekend exception test, etc.
   CGROW    1996 CDMA capacity and growth using distributions
   PWRsim   1997 Power control simulation for CDMA wireless
+  used-car 1997 used-car regression, bypassed MATLAB, AMPL, OSL
+* LLCM     1998 Long line cap model for rail, sim, dispatching
 * FP1      1999 Finds flood plains in 106,000 scanned FEMA maps
   HSIM     2000 Hotel booking simulation, forecast not finished
 * RateH    2001 Rate hierarchy assignment, rate rather than code
 * FcstFix  2001 Forecast fix, adjust forecasts for RHA changes
   DEHP     2002 Demand elasticity hurdle point, 2001 September 11
 * OPT2     2002 Fast heuristic yield mgmt optimizer, graphics
 * IHGtools 2003 Quick database analyses for hotel business mgrs
   AV_TUNE  2003 Availability tuning tool for retail forecasting
   OTLgen   2003 automatic creation of C/C++ code for SQL queries
 * SAM      2004 Sales Aggregation Module - retail revenue management
 * MOE      2004 Markdown Optimization Engine for product phase-out
   POE      2005 Promotion Optimization Engine for products on sale
   SQLsniff 2005 generates dataflow table with program reads & writes
   ROE      2007 Replenishment Optimization Engine - retail ordering
   TRA      2008 Commercial real estate forecast from economic indices
+* HMP      2008 Physician office location with "heatmap" display
+  AG       2009 Commodity investment - collateral dynamic algorithm
+  FEE      2009 Forecast Evaluation Engine - stock market predictors
   BKG      2011 Competitive airline-booking retail-science simulation

+ = client paid for the work
* = used for business decision