2012 October 22, Monday


Some people cut and paste political-rhetoric pictures on Facebook in defense of liberal political positions. Some people post emotional blather on Facebook without thought. It's amazing to me how many of those people get really torqued when I respond with reasoned, thought-out responses. One went so far as to send Facebook messages to her ex-husband asking him to defend her from The Big Bad Adam.

If you're posting someone else's pictures, then you're representing someone else's opinions, probably without a lot of critical thought. I think about my opinions and reach them on my own. I give 'em all hell, left, right, libertarians, religious zealots, even atheists. When I accosted one libertarian with a counter-argument, some time ago, with an argument he hadn't heard, rather than to counter what I said, his response was to ask where I got that one.

Let me assure you, my opinions are my own and are well thought out. With my usual gush of modesty and humility I'll point out that my power of thought is still considerable. I admit when I don't know something, but I've given America and Americans a lot of thought and I've seen what happens when the country is run by people who haven't.

     A piñon pine tree is like an asshole, everybody's got one. (Say it out loud, "Everybody's got a pinyon." I figure I'll start off with a dumb joke.)

     I felt great about Ron Paul. He was the first real-sounding and real-acting libertarian highly visible in United States politics in a long time. My smart liberal friends would have voted for him and the blather-speakers on Facebook thought he was nuts for quoting those silly old historical documents. (Wasn't some guy arrested for anti-American activity for quoting the Declaration of Independence on a street corner during the McCarthy era?) I believed during his campaign, and still believe, he had a higher chance of winning than Mitt Romney.

     I don't feel great about Mitt Romney. I would take either Bush over him (not the monsters they are portrayed as by the left, but the real George and George W.). I might take Bill Clinton, too busy screwing interns to screw the country. Clinton was not a good person, but his was a good presidency. And you have to admit, as any political comedian will heartily admit, he was the best fodder for political satire. We all need a laugh, right?

     Mitt Romney is the same-old same-old. He went to Harvard, started businesses, made money, created jobs, ran for office, and said whatever needed to be said to win elections. He was for it, against it, or talked around it, whatever it was, whatever was needed.

     Still, there is one incredible, telling point of virtuosity. Mitt Romney created jobs and paid salaries to Americans (as well as foreigners). Mitt Romney signed the front of a paycheque. The world is different when your pen, your bank account, and your business is somebody's livelihood. So stand up, Mitt, and be proud that you made jobs happen, not hope, not change, not stimulus packages, but honest-to-goodness, productive work for hundreds of thousands of Americans.

     We don't know his opponent's name, so "Obama" is more of a trademark. It stands for giant, taxpayer-funded giveaways and massive hemorrhaging of the American productive engine. The Obama campaign is massively funded by those who receive massive kickbacks, trillions of dollars of handouts and buyouts. The loss of tens of millions of jobs is hidden by the fact that those jobs moved down the food chain and most of them were lost by immigrants who didn't come to this country or, in at least one case I know, couldn't stay for lack of useful work. So the eight-percent unemployment rate is a smokescreen as it is actually quite a bit worse than that.


How could Mitt Romney do worse?


     There is an interesting forecast for the election, one I hope is true: Nobody who voted for McCain will vote Obama while many who voted Obama in 2008 are disappointed and will change to Romney. When one of my left-wing friends expressed that disappointment ("I voted for Obama in 2008 but now I see all these terrible things") I congratulated him for waking up and another liberal said not everybody who disagrees with me is asleep. Not so, many of my opinions are personal taste, but not this one. Obama supporters in 2008 had to be on the take or brain dead.

There are stupid, uncaring people on both sides of the political aisle, so it's easy to cite idiotic postings from people who disagree with. They don't prove a darned thing except about the people who post them.

I care as much as you do about my country and my world and I've given these issues a lot of thought.

     The Obama platform was the democrat-party platform of 2007 and 2008 with stimulus packages and bailouts extended with more stimulus packages and bailouts along with supporting unions who export jobs to Asia. How could we not be horrified?

     The Obama platform in 2008 was massive growth of government from one-third to one-half of the U.S. economy, effectively shrinking the productive, private sector by 25% (and the global productive sector by 6%). Government buyout of General Motors should scare us all. How could we not be horrified?

     The Obama platform in 2008 was government-provided healthcare, the sort that dramatically reduced care and increased cost in England and Canada and elsewhere. Think what that means when our existing system is already one-sixth of our economy in the United States. How could we not be horrified?

     The Obama platform in 2008 was conceding power to eco-scare environmental politics, mostly the global warming craze. The effect of the political actions on global warming (cash for clunkers a little, ethanol a lot) is lost jobs and tens of millions in Latin America not having corn for food. How could we not be scared?

     The Obama foreign policy platform in 2008 was to appease the most vile countries and organizations in the twenty-first-century world, the people we want strong government to protect us from. How could we not be horrified?

     The Obama candidate in 2008 had a massively-corrupt record as a senator and not much nicer as a councilman in Chicago. His wife had a $60K/year no-show job that grew to $300K/year when he became a senator. He and his wife were poster children for bad racial policy in the United States. How could we not be worried?

     The Obama background presented was and still is foreign-raised with strikingly mediocre academic and professional records. Wrapped in mystery, the biography presented was supported with paperwork only after years in office. If this terribly story is what they're telling us, then we have to wonder what they're still keeping secret. How could we not be horrified?

     So this is what was presented to voters in 2008 and 52% went for it. Nothing happened to surprise us--we were told the truth in 2008. It's bad, it's terrible, but think how much worse it could get by 2016! Can we understand how somebody who rejects these Obama-2008 principles four years later in 2012 should be considered "waking up" to a harsh reality?

     What makes me wonder is what changed? When I show a person a picture where he sees an urn first and two faces later, we realize the change was within the viewer and not the picture. I'm wondering what it was that kept all the bad stuff from being seen in 2008 and how so many still can't see it in 2012.

     I'm a smart person who has given America's political future a lot of thought. Please look past the smokescreens and the Facebook rhetoric and give it some serious thought yourself.




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