2020 October 23, Friday

     Attacking the opponent is an easy thing to do. The two major-party candidates have much to criticize. One is a corrupt career politician suffering from dementia who has stood for just about every evil and corrupt thing our government has had to offer. The other is a bold, brash, boisterous, billionaire braggart with orange complexion who hasn't disclosed his golf handicap.

     I have yet to see a Democrat promote Biden. Rather they all denigrate Trump. So let's ask ourselves what there is to like about President Donald Trump.

     First, we're seeing the first genuine increase in economic productivity in a long time, perhaps since 1966. The Reagan years were a dramatic cessation of the most severe economic decline the United States had ever had, but did things really get much better? Black, brown, and white young people without experience or credential are finding jobs (other then selling drugs or sex). Even after the horrible decline of lock-downs we're still a whole lot better off than four years ago.

     Second, manufacturing and productivity are once again part of the American scene. We're energy independent and we're building factories. Making things is prosperity and power, making things is fun. Much of this isn't growth in our own country but businesses in other countries deciding that America is a good place to invest in for their own productivity.

     Third, we haven't started a war since President Trump took office. Preach "World Peace" all you want, the best route to peace is not starting a war.

     Fourth, we have a route to peace in the Middle East. Seeing airline flights from the United Arab Emerates (UAE) to Israel over Saudi Arabia brings me the kind of joy we experienced in 1989 when the Berlin Wall came down. Now Israel is signing agreements with Bahrain. Jews have waited nineteen and a half centuries (1950 years), since the year 70, to live in Israel with the hope of peace with their neighbors. In the face of naked anti-semitism elsewhere in government, President Trump supported Israel personally and politically and I have to believe that support contributed to this wonderful moment in history.

     President Donald Trump is not lovable. I'm okay with that. Every time the liberals accuse him of something it seems they're the ones who did it, most notably collusion with Russia. I wish he had eliminated the federal deficit and reduced government spending his first three years when he had the chance, before the COVID-19 fiasco. I wish he had brought the Clintons and their criminal cronies to justice with long prison terms. I wish he had taken a stronger political stand against the pseudo-science of global warming and climate change.

     If you can't vote for President Trump, you just hate the man too much to support his presidency, no matter how much better things are, then vote Libertarian for Jo Jorgansen. I don't know much about her. Historically, I'm Libertarian rather than Republican-conservative, but this time around the Democrats scare me more than they scared me before, so I'm voting for Trump.

     On the historical-support side Libertarians believe in very limited government, or none at all in the purest form. What government does for us we can do with communities of interest, private corporations, and other voluntary mechanisms. Some of those arguments are difficult and require rejecting a lot of baggage, ideas have consequences, but organizations like the Tea Party have managed to promote limited government without sounding like college professors giving philosophy lectures.

     This has nothing to do with one candidate being nasty and orange and the other being stupid and a pervert. Yes they are, but, instead, I'm concerned with what's going to happen with them in office.

     Democrats were in control from 2007 though 2014 in the United States and look what happened. Our economy went to shit (that's a technical economic term, "went to shit."), our international relations were a mess, self-righteous, evil, racist, anti-Jewish organizations like ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter (BLM) sprang up and rose to power, Our country became all about hate.

     I don't want to go back to that horrorshow. Big governments are dangerous to their own people. Look at Stalin, Hitler, Castro, and Mao as examples. And before you jump up and say you don't support those leaders, progressive, liberal, left-wing Democrats in America did support those leaders in their rise to power. I have anecdotal support from a generation before mine and scholarly confirmation from conservative author Dinesh D'Souza. Look at folk-singer Pete Seeger who had tens of millions of followers as he supported communism and socialism in general and Stalin and Hitler in particular. And before you declare Seeger's support the distant past, I'll point out that I was in the live audience with seven popular liberal-progressive folk singers who specifically gave praise to Pete Seeger's politics from 2016 November forward. The liberal hate hasn't gone away.

     I asked a liberal biostatistician about the statistical discrepancy between published numbers and people's personal observation about COVID-19 and I got back a flame asking how I can be "infatuated with a lying, womanizing, tax-cheating sociopath." After supporting the likes of Stalin, Hitler, Castro, Mao, and Chavez (in values and in history) he writes, "I can't respect your view of the world." Really!

     I generally don't vote for candidates based on their character because I'm more concerned what they're going to do in office. Usually the conservative candidates are more-deeply steeped in moral values, so this issue hasn't been a problem for me. In character, competence, corruption, and perversion, isn't it pretty clear Joe Biden underwhelms Donald Trump in every way? When Trump sleeps with a porn star Biden cuddles with children. When Trump paid less tax, Biden was Vice President when Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State.

     We conservatives call this Trump Derangement Syndrom (TDS), only half in jest. My friends on the left side of American politics seem to believe in every wave of liberal idiocy from climate change and COVID-19 policy to the "Mod Squad" anti-semitism and the Floyd-Chauvin video. It's clear they're deluded.

     Well, maybe we conservatives are deluded, too. I'll accept that cheerfully, with the additional acceptance that our delusion put us on the moral-values side of so-many issues like racism, socialism, anti-semitism, pseudo-science, and tyranny. If conservative delusion caused us to support Chamberlain and Churchill instead of Stalin and Hitler, then I'm all for it.

     If all that stuff about history and values is not compelling, then just ask yourself how your feel about having the political community with corrupt perverts like the Clintons, Obamas, and Bidens in power.

     Let's finish with a bit about 2020. After accusing the president of the things they were doing, the Democrats settled for impeaching him for "abuse of power." What on earth is "abuse of power"? The presidency is a powerful position and the president is supposed to use that power. Trump has used it to mostly to do good things, unlike his predecessor. COVID-19 was political from the get-go, the wrong assessment of the damage with the wrong government response even to that assessment. One we had the corrosive acid of lock-downs and travel restrictions, which extend far beyond the borders of the United States, having expensive and expansive government relief programs was inevitable. The whole race thing was theatrical from its fake-video beginning, a temporary diversion from the COVID-19 politics with an outpouring of sanctimonious support for evil.

     The consistent pattern is Democrat governors and mayors do really stupid things and blame their bad outcomes on Republicans. If your response to a question about COVID-19 is a tirade about "a lying, womanizing, tax-cheating sociopath," then maybe you should rethink your own political perspective.

     In a campaign interview Jo Jorgansen points out that the federal government isn't more corrupt than before. It's just so much bigger that the same level of corruption does a lot more damage. I wish President Trump had done a better job of making the federal government smaller, but his predecessor did terrible damage making it bigger. If Joe Biden wins this election, we'll go back to that terrible trajectory.

     If you're a citizen, then please make sure you're registered to vote. If you're registered to vote, then please vote for Donald Trump. If you can't or won't do that, then vote for Jo Jorgansen. If you can't or won't see the horror of the Democratic Party, in both history and the present, then read up on their history. Do the research, look at whom and what they supported, look at what they did, and learn from the consequences.












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