2020 November 4, Wednesday

     As I write this the election results are not complete enough to declare victory, but the web pages I checked give President Trump 213 electoral votes so far plus Florida (29), Iowa (6), Ohio (18), and Texas (38) highly likely for a total of 304 with 270 needed to win. They show 69 million have voted for Joe Biden and 66.7 million for Donald Trump. Lawrence Peter Berra (known as Yogi to most) said, "It ain't over till it's over," but it's looking Trump's way.

     So why am I upset? I hoped for a far-more-decisive victory, like Nixon over McGovern in 1972. Let's look at what is at stake here.

     The biggest thing is the chance of dying at the hands of my own government. The American progressive, Democrat left wing supported three socialist regimes in Russia, Germany, and China that killed 155 million of their own people. The total of own-government deaths since 1900 is 262 million 1900-1999. Figure a total of 5000 million people died last century and we get a fraction of five percent (5%) of all deaths with three percent (3%) from the Big Three that American liberals supported, Stalin, Hitler and Mao. (Pete Seeger supported Stalin and Hitler, I've heard personal stories from liberal households as well as scholarly research from conservative Dinesh D'Souza, and I remember liberal support for Mao from my own childhood.) For anybody with a shred of doubt, "Gosh, that couldn't happen here in America," remember the riots in 2020 May and the atrocities of Margaret Sanger's Planned Parenthood a century earlier with left-wing organizations like the White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan and Japanese-American contration camps in between. Yes, it can happen here and the ingredients that make it likely are gun control, government control of education and science, economic redistribution, socialized health care, and police telling factories and businesses what they can produce and sell and when they have to close. This, and not some flu-like disease, is what keeps me up at night. I don't want to die in a government internment camp and my chances of doing so are significantly greater with a Biden presidency. Yes, really!

     For Jewish people the threat is far greater. Not a mere five percent but one-quarter of all Jewish deaths are from socialist government supported by a large faction of American progressives. The new anti-semitism from the Democrat "Mod Squad" should make people with Hebrew letters on their doorways squirm. The new agreements between Israel and her neighbors are a joyous moment in history that Jews have waited nineteen and a half centuries to see.

     In addition to the far-from-distant threat of genocide, we have the economic devastation with Democrats in office. Democrat-run cities have high unemployment and crime rates just like Venezuela under its new socialism.

     The left-wing, liberal, progressive, Democrat list is tyranny, racial policy, economic redistribution, government health care, gun control, pseudo-science, and anti-semitism. They're all ugly and that match, item for item, the platform of National Socialism in Germany in the 1930s. It didn't work well there, either.

     Sixty-nine million Americans voted for that platform in 2020. Recent events ensure they had to know, but they supported it anyway, just as they supported the evil of Black Lives Matter and the naked jealousy of the Occupy movement.

     Sixty-nine million Americans knew better and sanctimoniously voted for it anyway.

     One shouldn't need degrees from Princeton and Stanford to see the economic health of the United States improve since the Democrats left power in 2015. The improvement is at all levels, the rich got richer and the poor got richer. If I had to be a poor, black, uneducated nineteen-year-old any time and any place in history, then I would choose the United States today. (Given how terrible 2020 has turned out, I might choose 2019 instead.) Manufacturing and energy production has returned to our country with a corresponding increase in prosperity and pride. How hard is that to see?

     Once one gets past Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS), it's easy to see that the Biden crowd has been the most-corrupt episode in American political history with Hillary Clinton being the most egregious. It's also easy to see that Biden's political and personal record is delinquent and disgusting. It sucks all around.

     Sixty-nine million Americans (so far) chose suffering and sanctimony over productivity and pride. They chose hate over joy. They chose racism and anti-semitism over opportunity.

     Yes, is it that simple.


2020 November 5, Thursday

     Yesterday I double-counted Texas which resulted in my optimism. If we believe the numbers I saw last night, President Trump has 213 electoral votes. The states where he has a stated majority push him to 264 with two very-close Biden-so-far states, Michigan and Nevada.

     But here's the thing. There seem to be several states that "found" hundreds of thousands of ballets and all of them were for Biden, every single one. Didn't a single mail-in voter in these states vote for Trump or Jorgensen?

     With today's political climate I believe there is a significant chance that I'm going to die in a concentration camp. Three things kept that from happening in 2009 and all three are far weaker for a Biden presidency in 2021.

     First, it was unfashionable for Democrats to be anti-Jewish. Now the so-called "Mod Squad" is openly anti-Israel and anti-semitic, BLM showed open hate towards Jews on their web page until they went totally mainstream, and the BDS movement is directly targeted at destroying Israel, so this is no longer true.

     Second, the Second Amendment was a strong part of American heritage, even for Democrats. This is no longer true as Democrats are open in their clamor for taking all our guns away, just as was done in Russia, Germany, Cuba, China, and Venezuela whose socialism governments they supported.

     Third, we had the State of Israel and U.S. support for it. Today's Democrats are openly hostile to Israel. Even if Israel survives a Biden presidency, it may not have the strength to offer a haven for American Jews trying to escape another holocaust here.

     My personal assessment is that my chance of dying in a concentration camp in the United States of America is ten percent (10%) higher if the Democrats prevail in this election. Before you say that could never happen here, ask your Jewish friends who were in Germany in 1938 when Adolf Hitler was Time Magazine "Man of the Year" if they thought they were in any special danger. Ask your Japanese-American friends who were here in 1942.

     It's not whether you're paranoid. It's whether your paranoid enough.

     All of this anti-Jewish stuff is in addition to the erosion of life, liberty, livelihood, property, and contract that would happen with a Democrat victory.



2020 November 9, Monday

     Here's the short version. Half our country believes in what we came here for and half our country wants to turn it into something else. That something else is ultimately socialism that didn't work well in Russia, Germany, Cuba, China, and Venezuela, but half our country still believes in it. There is a ratchet effect where socialism is easy to elect in and hard to elect out. One of the consequences of this socialism is genocide or democide or whatever one want to call the mass slaughter of a country's own citizens. Jews tend to be overrepresented in the population of victims, so I'm more than a little concerned about having it happen here. I know those people burning and looting and hurting and killing will be coming for me next.

     We have a Constitution specifically written to prevent socialism, but our country has gone that way anyway. After the giant leap towards socialism in the 2008 election, it took a powerful man like Donald Trump to push the ratchet back just a few notches. He has put America on a path to be a proud, prosperous, productive manufacturing power in the world. He has been a force for world peace as well, especially for Israel in the Middle East.

     Half my country wants to abandon the Trump Train and move towards socialism, never mind the economic, political, and personal consequences. Whoever wrote our Constitution left a loophole allowing people to vote for it and the Democrats are willing and able to use our election and electoral process to make socialism happen here. If I'm going to lose my country, I want to be sure it's a fair election. I believe that should be defended with deadly force if necessary.




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