2012 November 6, Tuesday


     Obama supporters are aglow over their victory. They gave voters free cell phones. (Some even got cash, they tell me.) The campaign was better funded than any previous. They put militant-looking black panthers in the voting places with Obama murals on the walls there. Busloads of mentally-incompetent were driven to the polls and shown how to vote Obama. Racial attitudes and prejudices were well exploited. Facebook postings abounded protecting the right to vote democrat, and some of these posters were poll-place volunteers. Romney supporters were aghast and annoyed by all this.

     Even with all that chicanery, I don't think cheating is what won the election for Obama.

     Recently I met people from various parts of the world outside the United States. They were consistent in their impression that Mitt Romney was "creepy." An Australian fellow heard my American accent and asked me what I thought about our election. When I told him he said, "Yeah, but Romney is just so creepy." Those were his words, not mine, that Romney was "creepy."

     I want to hire the marketing people who got folks to believe that!

     Mitt Romney is an ordinary American successful businessman. Born and raised in this country, he went to Harvard for college and business school, started profitable companies that created jobs, had a political career, raised a Christian family, and ran for president. (I'm not a Christian myself, but Christianity is clearly not creepy to me.)

     Romney's opponent still has question marks around his name, social security number, and college background. He admits to being raised in places very foreign and hostile to the United States. His college record is suspicious, maybe under another name, maybe under a foreign passport. He managed, or so he claims, to be editor of the Harvard Law Review without editing or reviewing any law. (That means he was either never there or exceptional for his lack of exceptional contribution.) His political career packed a lot of corruption into very few years. The Obama presidency has set new lows for the office in many areas including, especially, our economy. The foreign policy consists of allying itself with the most racist and violent governments. Without mitigating any of the previous corruption in any way, the Obama presidency has expanded government bureaucracy and kickbacks beyond our wildest dreams and nightmares. And, somehow, Romney is the creepy one.

     I don't get it.




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