2018 March 28, Wednesday

     A liberal friend posted one of those Facebook memes saying that conservatives were "taking away" food, healthcare, and housing by cutting back programs that took those things from some families to give them to other families. You know the drill.

     At the end of a bunch of heated discussions he wrote: "I know you are all compassionate people. Your postings don't reflect this. Please explain."

     I wrote back, "I have tried."

     This is what I'll send back if he accepts my challenge and asks me to explain again.

I explained about a moral compass,
that there are good values that produce good results,
that it's wrong to rob Peter at gunpoint to help Paul,
that your choice of good causes should not compel others by force.

I explained about economics,
that liberal policies produce poverty and pain,
that two lose their livelihood for each one we support through taxes.

I explained about benefits,
that cessation of a benefit is not "taking away" something,
especially when that benefit is taken by force from someone else.

I explained about integrity,
that joining a guns-and-freedom club
means you should be comfortable with guns and freedom
just as joining a running club
means you should stop whining about how bad running is
(even if some members of the club get sports injuries).

I explained about history,
that liberal views have supported racism since slavery,
that liberal values created and supported horrors in
Russia, Germany, Cuba, China, South Africa, Venezuela, and the Middle East,
that liberal economics produced poverty here and worldwide,
that liberal labor policies put millions out of work,
that liberal medical policies deprived millions of health care,
that progressive science has been destructive pseudo-science,
that the most severe gun problems have been in gun-free zones,
and that the worst societies have been the most gun controlled.

I explained that it's not about compassion and caring,
that I care as much as people who post liberal facebook memes,
probably more since I took the time to think about these issues
with an intellect you have come to respect.

When we learn to fly,
we learn to trust our instruments over our inner-ear sensations,
we learn to trust what is real and true over what we feel.

Similarly in politics,
we should learn to trust morals, understanding, logic, and history,
we should learn to trust what is real and true over what we feel.

If you want more of this kind of material then here are my American-issues essays.

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