2021 June 1, Tuesday

     I slept at night through the two worst presidencies in American history through 2020, but I'm not sleeping now. Many gentiles will tell us that the crowning achievement of the Obama presidency was halving the median American family net worth, making the poorer half of America ever more dependent on their government for aid. As destructive as FDR, LBJ, and Carter were, none of them came close to this level of lowering the standard of living of America's less well off.

     As a Jew I'd like to suggest that the Obama presidency may have accomplished results far more reaching. There are three pillars supporting American's Jewish population, three factors preventing the Holocaust that started in central Europe eighty-five years ago from happening here and now. If the American Democratic party, our progressive left wing, is going to find a Final Solution to the Jewish problem in America, then it is going to have to eliminate all three as Germany had before.

     I'll point out that the world Jewish community has still not recovered completely from the Holocaust around 1940. I read there were more Jews in 1935 than there are today, a staggering loss in a world whose overall population has gone up nearly fourfold. "In each and every generation they rise up against us to destroy us." I have been thankful that America's beacon of freedom has been a shield protecting many who live here from this kind of persecution.

     What are the three protections American has offered Jews who live here? There are the unpopularity of anti-semitism, the Second Amendment, and the State of Israel. None of those existed for Jews in central Europe in the 1930s and all three of these existed for Jews in the United States of America in 2008. No matter how much the core of the Democratic Party wanted to solve the Jewish problem, to have an American future without Jews living here (or not living anywhere, maybe), these three things protected the American Jewish population.

     After the inauguration in 2009 things changed. The Democratic Party found four young women, the "Mod Squad," to lead an anti-Jewish movement within the party, BDS was formed to eliminate the State of Israel, and ANTIFA and BLM formed as openly-violent anti-Jewish grassroots parts of the Democratic Party.

     During the Trump years Israel was protected and admired by American leadership. Not only is Israel a strategic asset in the Middle East, it's also a world source of science, technology, education, and mathematics. We have waited 19½ centuries for the kind of peace treaties signed in 2020 between Israel and her neighbors. I considered buying an airline ticket to Israel just to take an El Al flight from Tel Aviv to Dubai. Imagine that!

     With the four anti-semitic arms of the Democratic Party firmly in place, it's only a matter of weakening the Second Amendment so Jews can't protect themselves. (I'm disappointed the Trump people did so little to reduce their power and influence.) For the first time since their formation in 1854, Democrats have a clear path to a Final Solution to the Jewish Problem here in the United States, to a future without a Jewish population in this country. Look at the current left-wing, Democrat reactions to what's going on in Israel and look at the anti-Jewish violence rising quickly here in the United States of America. My sound-bite version is the party of lashings and lynchings in the 1800s and the party of gulags and gas chambers in the 1900s is turning its full attention on the Jewish problem in the 2000s.

     The National Socialists burned down the Reichstag and the Democratic Socialists stole an election. The American left wing has become comfortable in its role as a river of hate.

     To my Jewish friends: How well are you sleeping at night?





     In case you're thinking my fear is way overblown, that we're going to die in our own beds or in hospital beds or in car crashes or something not a Holocaust, not in concentration camps, no matter how terrible the Democrats are, let me point out some interesting historical facts.

     According to "Death by Government" the number of genocide (or "democide") victims in the past century is 262 million. Figure somewhere around 5000 million people have died during that period, people who were breathing sometime in recent history who are not breathing today. That means that five percent (5%) of all deaths are at the hands of their own socialist governments. Wow!

     For Jews the numbers are quite a bit scarier. Six million died at Hitler's hands of about twenty-five million Jewish deaths in recent history. That means that somewhere around one Jewish death in four has been at the hands of their own socialist government.

     Democrat hate for Jews goes back to the origin of the White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan in 1865, but we've had the whole America guns and freedom attitude to keep a few synagogue burnings from becoming genocide. Now that guns-and-freedom attitude is vanishing and I think we have plenty of reasons to worry.



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