In case anybody wants to represent America's vocal liberals as responsible adults, equivalent to most conservatives for example, one only has to look at the gushing torrent of whining Facebook memes coming from them. They're almost as angry and upset as we were four and eight years ago, but far less able to contain their feelings and far less accountable to fact and logic. We conservatives may not have been saints, nor are we saints today, but we didn't post stuff this terrible.

     Since these things are coming so fast, I'm going to post brief responses here, like swatting flies.

     2018 June 25. Sarah Sanders and seven family members get thrown out of the Red Hen restaurant in Lexington, Virginia. She wasn't thrown out for anything she did, nor for anything she brought or bought, only because she worked for Donald Trump, the President of the United States of America. Two images come to mind.
• (A) A gay couple goes into a bakery who refuses to make them a same-sex wedding cake.
• (B) A diner is thrown out of a restaurant because he is black.
I feel this is far from the first and close to the second. In case (A) it turns out the gay couple went past some half a dozen bakeries who would be happy to make their cake to target one owned by "Christians" who refused. They weren't refused because they were homosexual but because they wanted a homosexual wedding cake, buying a product the baker did not wish to sell. I'll presume (A-1) if a hetersexual couple walked in and ordered a gay wedding cake they would have been similarly refused and (A-2) if two men walked in and ordered a regular heterosexual cake they would have walked out with a cake in hand. It was the product being purchased rather than the shoppers that the seller objected to. We have a practical concept (that maybe didn't exist a century ago and maybe it did exist) of a business being "public facing." That's my term, and maybe there's a legal, official term for it. A business that is public facing agrees to serve all acceptable customers appropriately. (I add "acceptable" thinking of the restaurant scene in "The Blues Brothers" and "appropriately" because business can offer privileges to preferred customers so long as they meet a minimum standard of care to all who pay for their offered product or service. That's my small print for the day.) A private club can say "NO BLACKS, NO JEWS" on the door, but a public-facing restaurant doesn't have that choice, in my interpretation of what is right in our community. They didn't have to be public facing, they could "go private," but Red Hen was public facing and served the public. Sarah Sanders didn't misbehave nor did she buy anything the restaurant didn't want to sell. I'm interested to see the left-wing-liberal response to this one.

     2018 June 18. The Trump Administration is taking children away from their families, so the Republicans are evil. Let's look at the bullshit. Let me count the ways.
• The law they're protesting was passed during the Clinton presidency and enforced vigorously during the Obama presidency, so separating families at the border is hardly a Republican initiative, hardly a Trump issue. Illegal immigration has been an ugly issue for a long time.
• We're talking about separating families commiting a crime. Picture getting home and finding a mother and four-year-old son breaking into your house and taking your stuff. Is it so absurd to separate criminals from their families even when the entire family is at the crime scene?
• There is a legal entry point in
Nogales where people in Mexico can legally cross the border into the United States. For whatever reason, these people have chosen to break the law, to sneak into the United States. (I've even crossed the border there myself coming back from Mexico.)
• The liberals liken the practice to slavery, complete with images. Slavery was a left-wing, progressive, Democrat concept at the time and their racism has continued through the Ku Klux Klan and the Black Panthers to today's violent racism of Black Lives Matter.
• The liberals liken the practice to incarcerating Japanese citizens, also a left-wing, progressive, Democrat initiative that faced right-wing, conservative, Republican resistance.
So let me get this right. The American political faction that 150 years ago supported lashings and lynchings, that 80 years ago supported gulags and gas chambers, that two years ago eulogized Fidel Castro (all with the same moral and political values) is outraged by behavior they started and continued because a president they hate hasn't stopped it. I appreciate their passion, they may even be right (twice a day, right?), but it's still hard to take them seriously.
• The liberals liken the practice to concentration camps which were formed by the National Socialists (Nazis) under the guise-science of eugenics, both of which were, you guessed it, supported by left-wing, progressive, Democrats and resisted by right-wing, conservative, Republicans. (If you're looking for viseral images, how many boatloads of Jewish prisoners did Republicans send back to Hitler's Germany to be burned in gas ovens?)
Don't get me wrong. I'm not supporting the cruel separation of families at the border. I don't know enough about what's actually going on to form an opinion one way or the other. I'm only pointing out that those objecting to it don't seem to have a clue either about what is going on there or their own history. (To her credit, communist Joan Baez actually went to Hanoi during the war so she could see firsthand what was going on in Vietnam. I may loathe her politics, but I admire her courage.)

     2017 June 18. All these school shootings! What can we do to get more gun control? How can we stop the NRA? Not one of these publicized public shootings has involved a member of the National Rifle Association (NRA) and I don't recall any of them being being right-wingers, conservative, or Republicans. Most of the shooters were actively announcing and affirming liberal views. So liberal Democrats shot people so liberal Democrats could lie and vie for gun control just like the gun control they supported in Russia, Germany, Cuba, and China. There's a reason we're the way we are in the United States of America, you have plenty of places to go if you don't like the way we are, so why stay and whine except to hurt more innocent people?

     2017 June 18. Why is there so much hate under Trump? Everyone seems to agree there's more hate after the 2016 Trump victory. I'll point out hate doesn't come from the winners. When the liberals became losers their hate took over. Jewish cemeteries were desecrated and swastikas were painted on walls by angry liberal Democrats. During the last president's administration we conservatives watched economic strife as tens of millions of Americans lost their jobs, an increase in racism and anti-semitism, a huge decrease in personal freedom, and we didn't whine about Obama like the liberals whining about a Trump administration doing decidely better than break even. Listen to Hollywood! Look at the hate!
• There were two majorly, seriously, dementedly misogynist presidents who abused thousands of women, so ten million women marched against Donald Trump as if he were sexist.
• There were several
openly racist presidents before now, so liberal protest Donald Trump as if he were racist.
• The president before Trump refused to tell us his name or identity, so liberals cutely call Trump "#45" as if his credentials were suspect.
• The president before Trump knew his Secretary of State was taking hundreds of millions of dollars in personal bribes for state favors, massively corrupt, clearly treason, yet liberals castigate Trump as if he were corrupt.
• Russia paid that same Secretary of State over $100 million in bribes to get our government Uranium and liberals pooh-pooh Trump as if he had evil dealings with the Russians.

     2017 January 26. "I cannot believe I live in a country that forced Barack Obama to show his birthday certificate, but won't make Donald Trump show his taxes." - Alex Howard, Florida. How do I mock thee, let me count the ways. First, I pointed out any airline flight requires me to show my name, certainly every job I've applied for, and none have every pried about how much tax I paid. The Obama candidate in 2008 and 2012 never did tell us his name, people voted for him anyway, they say it's okay because they felt good about him, never mind the consequences. But isn't a candidate telling the public his name (and birthplace as constitutionally required for the presidency) a little more consequential than somewhat-private tax returns? I'll also ask how many liberals changed their votes to Romney when he revealed how much tax he paid, and how much he gave to charity?

































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