2012 May

     2012 May was a busy month for me and my airplane. If you count the thirty-day month from 2012 April 29 through 2012 May 28, It comes to 44.2 hours in my logbook. The calendar month of 2012 May has 36 hours and 22 landing sites, not so bad either.

     2012 April 29 I flew to Kingman (IGM) to meet Mike and Janet. Mike is a good friend of a good friend Neil from back east in New Jersey. We all had a good time eating, flying, and telling stories. Some of them may have been true.

     There was the week at Caveman Ranch from 2012 April 30 through 2012 May 5 with lots of back-country flying. I saw some old friends and made some new ones.

     2012 May 12 was a fly-in at "Young International," what some of us jokingly call the Pleasant Valley airstrip (24AZ) in Young, Arizona. (There is another airstrip called Pleasant Valley (P48) at the south end of Lake Pleasant just north of Phoenix.)

     2012 May 13 I took T.C. and Sandy, who just moved to Arizona, to Sedona (SEZ) for breakfast.

     2012 May 19 Tony and I went to two fly-in events, breakfast at Ryan (RYN) and lunch at Bouquet Ranch. While I was at Ryan, I took Bill, Eileen, and George for a brief aerial tour of Sahuarita, just south of Tucson, Arizona.

     2012 May 20-21 I joined Mark and Dana for the annular solar eclipse in Chinle (E91) where we took a stunning tour of Canyon de Chelly before watching the eclipse from Spider Rock overlook.

     2012 May 26 was a fly-in meeting of the Arizona Pilots Association with Colonel Bob Ashby (retired) from the Tuskegee Airmen as the guest speaker.

     2012 May 27 I took Phil, Marla, Joel, and Jessica, friends from back east whom I haven't seen in nearly thirty years, over the Grand Canyon in two flights of two passengers each.

     2012 May 28 I met Bill, my astro-geek, eclipse friend visiting from Pennsylvania for the eclipse and the transit of Venus, and took him over the meteor crater and to breakfast at Sedona (SEZ).

     After all that flying, I need a break. So I decided to do some more flying for the transit of Venus.



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