2011 October 7, Friday, to Big Bear

2011 October 8, Saturday, Big Bear to Moab
Big Bear run

2011 October 9, Sunday, Arches and Dead Horse Point hikes
Arches hike, Dead Horse Point hike

2011 October 10, Monday, Utah back-country flight
Cedar Mountain run, Sand Wash run, Hubbard-Gateway run

2011 October 11, Tuesday, Canyonlands Lathrop hike
Canyonlands-Lathrop hike

2011 October 12, Wednesday, Dead Horse Point, Canyonlands
Dead Horse again, Murphy run, Alcove Springs hike

2011 October 13, Thursday, flying to Hanksville and Phoenix Sky Harbor
Great weather out west, lousy weather back east!

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2008 page on flying Utah's back country
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Longitude-Latitude references to back-country airstrips
YouTube videos of my flying adventures

2011 December 14-16 Zion trip
all my trip pages

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