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Stupid is as Stupid Does

     "If you can scroll through your feed and you feel okay, even a little hopeful, then you don't have enough Black friends." Okay, which way is this not stupid? Is it not stupid because Biden is so terrible and the Democrats are so terrible with ANTIFA and BLM, and there's still hope of getting Donald Trump back as President? Is it not stupid because Black Americans didn't do better 2017-2019 than any other time in our history? Is it not stupid because my black, brown, red, and yellow friends tell me they're not feeling less racial tension than any other time? Is it not stupid because the anti-Jewish momentum of Democrat organizations ANTIFA, BDS, BLM, and the Mod Squad aren't far worse than anything Black Americans have faced since 1970?

     "The folks who burned Dixie Chicks merch in the streets, stopped watching NFL when players were kneeling, and are boycotting NASCAR for banning confederate flags want to caution you against cancel culture." Are you shitting me? Did any of those activities degrade or dilute the experience of those who enjoy those activities? One side criticizes the behavior of liberals and chooses not to buy their products, the other actually keeps postings and products like Parlar or Dr. Seuss off the market by controlling their sources. One is a political statement and the other is a book ban.

     All the Republicans voted against the $1.9 T COVID relief bill because they're mean and stingy. First of all, if we take $1600 per person times 330 M people we get $528 M, hell and gone from the $1.9 M total. Where is the rest of it going? I suspect it's going to Democrat causes, not any kind of relief, and I suspect the Republicans who didn't vote for it knew that. (Besides, wouldn't it be fairer to use the same government snooping liberals seem to be okay with to find all the people who supported COVID lockdowns, take half their assets and income until we have a total of $5 T, and distribute that to the victims of lockdowns? Wouldn't that be fairer and more just?)

     If your governer is telling you it's time to remove your mask, it may be time to remove your governer. How many governers are telling people to remove masks and how many are letting people make their own choices?

     Howcum Texas Republicans can't get renewable energy to work in the cold when Canada has been mostly renewable for years? Democrats pushed renewable windmills and solar panels on Texas as a primary source of electricity, not add-on displacement, and they didn't work in the cold weather, as predicted. Canada's so-called renewable energy is almost all hydro power generated by damming up fragile estuaries, not windmills and solar panels.

     These are my rambling musings about American politics. They're in no particular order nor have I spent a lot of energy avoiding overlapping ideas.


     Chauvin Trial Riots

     Help me understand this one. Two guys who have known each other and worked together for seventeen years appear in a video with wrong lighting and changing hair style where one kills the other. Assuming you can get past the obvious that nobody killed anybody in this fake video, ask yourself the obvious question: If a person kills a friend and work colleague of seventeen years, then what is the likelihood that race has anything to do with it?


     What I'd Like to Hear

     "Hey, Adam, I'm a Democrat, I'm a liberal, I've been wrong before, but I'm right this time and I have my reasons.

     "Today we claim to condemn racism in all forms. Back a few years we Democrats supported slavery, Jim Crow, and the White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. More recently we supported the Black Panthers and the marginalizing prejudice of Affirmative Action. Many of us supported Martin Luther King while the core of our party supported George Wallace's `separate-but-equal' segregation. Our recent action group with the sanctimonious title `Black Lives Matter' has degenerated into the same violent racism as the White Knights and the Black Panthers. We liberals were wrong.

     "We have rejected capitalism and free enterprise. I realize these are the core values of this country and that these have produced wealth and comfort at all income levels that no other economic philosophy has come near. I realize that the fascism, socialism, and communism that I support has caused human poverty, misery, and death. Specifically we Democrats created the New Deal that prolonged a government-caused depression another eight years and the Great Society that created a permanent poverty class in America. We liberals were wrong.

     "We have stifled free speech wherever we could, especially our educational institutions. Adam, when you had a chance to hear Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir speak at Princeton, we were outside protesting loudly enough for her to comment on it. More recently we have created an atmosphere of violence around conservative speakers and banned them `for their own safety.' We use our distribution channels and political pressure to ban books we don't like. We liberals were wrong.

     "We promoted human suffering through pseudo-science and fear from eugenics and an impending ice age through acid rain and the ozone layer to global warming and climate change. By overstating the COVID-19 threat it took less than three months to make American afraid to gather freely and willing to have laws to restrict movement. We liberals were wrong.

     "We have promoted hatred of all things Jewish going back to our White Knights and Black Panthers. The Obama legacy is four anti-semitic factions of the Democratic Party. ANTIFA, BDS, and BLM have promoted violence against Jews and the four Mod Squad Democratic leaders have been openly anti-Jewish as well. We liberals were wrong.

     Okay, Adam, we did all those bad things with the same goals and ambitions as Democrats today with the same lack of principles and values. In every case what we did turned out horribly wrong. But, Adam, we're right this time and you should support our programs and our current agenda. Here's why you should believe us now.

     "Xxx xx xxx xxxx xxx xxx xxxx xxxxxxx xx xxxx xx xxx xxx xx xxx. xxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxx xxxxxx xxxx xxx xxxx xxx. Xxx xx xxx xxxx xxx xxx xxxx xxxxxxx xx xxxx xx xxx xxx xx xxx. xxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxx xxxxxx xxxx xxx xxxx xxx. Xxx xx xxx xxxx xxx xxx xxxx xxxxxxx xx xxxx xx xxx xxx xx xxx. xxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxx xxxxxx xxxx xxx xxxx xxx. Xxx xx xxx xxxx xxx xxx xxxx xxxxxxx xx xxxx xx xxx xxx xx xxx. xxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxx xxxxxx xxxx xxx xxxx xxx."

     Democrats and Mass Killings

     I suppose there are Republicans doing mass killings and I suppose there are mass killings that don't involve guns. I don't seem to see either making the news. The correlation between Democrats and mass killers seems at least as solid as the correlation between guns and mass killers. Which should we ban?



     I have my own analogy. On 2020 November 4 a bunch of arsonists spread fire accelerant all over and set a timer to go off on 2021 January 20. One that timer goes off, the game changes from disconnecting the timer to fighting the flames or letting our country burn down. That's the choice we faced.

     I can think of all kinds of reasons why different factions of the Republican Party didn't act, mostly based on figuring somebody else can get their hands dirty and fight the arsonists. In any case, it went to an inauguration and the damage was significant within hours and terrible within days.

     What did you think was going to happen?

     Whose fault is it? Do should we blame the arsonists (Democrats) who don't respect our country or its founding principles, who don't have values, who don't know right from wrong, who think it's okay to hurt millions upon millions in their cause, who don't know any better? Or should we blame the firemen (Republicans) who didn't turn off the timer (inauguration) and clean out the accelerant (corruption)?


     Get Out and Vote?

     I'm getting emails raising money for the 2022 election with exhortations to get out and vote.

     Whom are they kidding? With a Republican President, a Republican Senate, and Republican Supreme Court, and a landslide majority of the vote the other guys won.

     So there is no election in 2022 any more than there was in 2020. The guys who stole the election are making sure whatever risks there were in 2020 won't be there next time. They have all three houses, Senate, Representatives, and White, they're going to pack the Supreme Court, they're going to grant voting rights to all kinds of people who aren't citizens as we know it and they're going to double count the District of Columbia, which I understand already counts as part of Maryland. The election game is over.

     I don't know how those of us who believe in America can restore it, but it's not going to happen because we raise money to get Republican votes in 2022.


     Health Insurance and Pre-existing Conditions

     I have a thought experiment to consider. I buy car insurance from State Farm with a $500 deductable. On Monday I come back to the parking lot to find my door dented and nobody else in sight. It still drives okay, well sort of, so I drive carefully to the State Farm office where they give me an estimate for $1500, a cheque for $1000, and a list of shops that will do the work for $1500. I'm $500 "out of pocket" for my deductable.

     Allstate offers me a lower, better premium rate and on Wednesday I change insurance companies.

     Now, on Friday I get a call from the shop where I took the car and they found there was $2000 of frame damage also. Who should pay for the extra damage?

     I call Allstate for the $2000 and they tell me I have a pre-existing condition, that this damage was done before I signed up with them. Fine, I go back to State Farm and get them to pay the $2000 for the damage that occurred while I was insured with them. In neither case am I expected to pay the extra money myself. I was covered the entire time and one of the insurance companies should pay.

     Change the story to health care. I have Aetna, I get diabetes, it costs money to treat, and they pay their part of the bill for that treatment. I change health-insurance to Blue Cross and I still have diabetes. Somehow Aetna and Blue Cross should duke it out between themselves over who should pay for my insulin and other treatment going forward. Now I can see Blue Cross charging me extra for my new policy because my care is more expensive with diabetes.

     Somehow the health insurance companies managed to get out of paying for the care they signed up to pay for when we change companies. One of the provisions of the otherwise-totally-evil Obamacare was the gem that insurance companies should have to pay for the care they agreed to pay for even when we change companies.


     The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood.

     Hulu made a television series from The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood. In this story there is a loss of fertility and the reaction is the government immediately denegrates the role of women to fertility only. Levels of bureaucracy are created with younger women becoming handmaids who are held down and raped monthly in their confinement. Those who don't get pregnant are shipped out as forced labor in biogically-dangerous areas where they don't live long.

     What is scary is how quickly it happens and how easily it happens as Americans acquiesce to the new nation of Gilead that deals with the problem. It's what happened in progressive-supported regimes in Russia, Germany, Cuba, China, and Venezuela. (Of course the progressive liberals who supported these changes are the ones who say this story is a vision of conservative values being imposed on America. Go figure.)

     We smugly read the book or watch the show and say, "Well, that couldn't really happen here, could it?" A disease that nobody knew and nobody saw and nobody knew anybody who knew anybody who had it appeared in 2020 January and within two months the country was in lockdown, more in the Democrat-controlled areas, with restaurants, services, and performing arts closed down. Tens of millions were put out of work. By government decree, hospitals were turning away all but the most-serious cases in anticipation of a flood of this new disease that did not appear. People were forced to wear masks in public that doctors told us were of little use against this new disease and would harbor other sources of infection. (Remember, until 2020 July there were very few actual deaths from this new disease with no reported excess deaths in the first half of 2020. It wasn't until later that any of us started seeing people sick from this disease.)

     This all happened within a month. Experts looking back point out it was all wrong, but no apologies have been forthcoming. Interestingly enough, my conservative friends were skeptical of both the disease threat and the overreaction response while my liberal friends, even now when it's obvious government lockdowns were wrong and evil, still stand by those decisions. The lesson of The Handmaid's Tale seems forever lost on liberals.


     Republicans versus Trump.

     Remember in elementary school when we nominated and elected classmates for class president? It wasn't clear what a class president does in fifth grade, but we had to elect one by nominating candidates and then voting, either by show of hands or by secret paper ballot. With fierce rivalry between the boys and the girls, each would nominate as many of their own sex figuring if it were three boys against one girl on the ballot, then a boy had a 75% chance of winning the actual election. Of course it had the opposite effect as the boys divided their vote among the three boy candidates while all the girls voted for their only choice. After the election the boys all looked at each other wondering what went wrong and how one of them got elected class president. This logic may be acceptable for elementary-school students, but not for party election strategists.

     We had a Republican Supreme Court and two Republican houses, Senate and White, with the House of Representatives having a Republican state-count majority, which is what counts in a run-off election. With a clear landslide majority of popular and electoral votes going for Trump, an obvious election theft on 2020 November 4, and plenty of time to plan before 2020 January 6 when Congress would confirm the theft and 2020 January 20 Inauguration Day, how on earth could the Republican Party do so little? How could this get all the way to a Biden inauguration?

     I think it's back to the boys-versus-girls thing, not exactly the same, but the same kind of goofy logic. The anti-Trump Republicans figured they would go-along-get-along with the Democrats, Trump would win anyway, and they wouldn't appear to be Trump sympathizers.

     Well, it didn't work and now I don't see a lot of choices to restore our country that don't involve guns and violence.


     The 2020 U.S. Election.

     First, we have the Big-Board map from Germany, before the data were altered, with 410 Electoral votes for Trump. Given the relative levels of enthusiasm I saw myself and heard from people I trust, it's about what I expected. Throw in the usual bias that more liberals than conservatives show up at rallies and demonstrations (we have jobs) and this favors Biden more than I expected. Somehow, this Trump-favoring election got all the way to a Biden inaugeration even with a Republican Supreme Court and a Republican House of Representatives counted by state, as it would be in a presidential run-off election. You gotta wonder, you do.


     The Capitol 2021 January 6.

     For the last seven months, since 2020 May 25, when ten or more Democrats gathered outdoors shops were looted, buildings were burned, cars were blown up, and people were killed. The first of those riots was two blocks from one of my work colleagues and another was five miles from my own home. In addition to the party hate of their representative "Mod Squad" the Democrats have three racist, violent, and anti-Jewish action arms, Black Lives Matter (BLM), ANTIFA, and BDS. During the months before the election there were Trump-rally gatherings all over the United States with tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands, with no rioting and no violence, just a lot of noise. The contrast has been utterly clear.

     On 2021 January 6 there was a rally at the Capitol in Washington, D.C. There are videos of people being let in through open doors and there were a few incidents of vandelism and violence. Given the history, who do you think did the damage? The first person actually arrested turned out to be a registered Democrat. Are we surprised that a few liberals would show up to create the ugly Democrat style of gathering for the news media to show?

     Look, picture you're a police officer arriving at a bank robbery with lights and sirens and there are three guys running from the bank turning and shooting at the bank doorway and now at the arriving police. Just to make the analogy more complete, there were two other robberies where you saw these same three guys shooting but they got away. Is your first move to run into the bank to arrest the receptionists and tellers? Or maybe, just maybe, you should follow good instincts and arrest the three guys who were shooting both in the past and in the present.

     Still, when I bring up the excess Biden votes, some of my liberal friends bring up the Capitol incident on 2021 January 6 as an explanation for voters choosing Biden over Trump on 2020 November 3. Are these the same people who still claim global warming mostly in the 1920s and 1930s was caused by fossil fuels burned in the 1960s and 1970s. I would hope it doesn't require four semesters of honors physics at Princeton to understand why that doesn't make sense.


     COVID-19 in 2020.

     While the United States showed no excess deaths for the first half of 2020 compared to 2019 and 2018, a slight decrease in fact, the second half of the year does have higher death numbers here in the U.S.A., about 204 thousand higher than last year. As about 1.4 million died in that six-month period, that's an increase of about fourteen percent (14.4%). That's enough to suggest taking precautions that actually work, like washing hands frequently, staying home more than usual, and avoiding sex with strangers. These numbers are of the same order as the Hong Kong flu in 1969, also a serious pandemic.









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