2012 April 30, Monday, flying Phoenix to Moab
stops at Polacca, Nokai Dome, Hite, and Mineral Canyon

2012 May 1, Tuesday, Canyonlands Murphy-loop hike
shorter hike dictated by wounded knee

2012 May 2, Wednesday, flying and off-road driving
White Wash Sand Dunes, Sand Wash, Rangely, and Mack Mesa
drove off-road at Onion Creek (instead of run or hike)

2012 May 3, Thursday, off-road driving
drove off-road at Harrah Pass and Chicken Corner

2012 May 4, Friday, flying and fly-in
Cedar Mountain, Mexican Mountain, Hanksville,
Caveman Ranch fly-in, Westwater, Mack Mesa, Grand Junction

2012 May 5, Saturday, back to Phoenix
by way of Caveman Ranch (Tangri La) airstrip again

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2012 September 28-30 Durango trip
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